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Word Power!

As the saying goes: actions speak louder than words. Well, sometimes when you aren’t in a situation to take any action, words will do just fine. They can be pretty powerful on their own. That’s what I found out today. 😉


Honestly, I can’t believe what I said today. I’ve never ever done that before. I’ve always been a little reserve, not wanting to speak my mind out, but today, well, today was such a surprise, an unplanned surprise. This boldness in me is really intriguing; a daring step out of my comfort zone. It was kinda exciting in a way.


Today I became gutsy coz’ I was on a quest, a teasing quest. I think my words achieved more than what I bargained for. Now, perhaps that was the desired effect I secretly hoped for?? Hmm…. Perhaps, perhaps, just perhaps. Hahaha… 😛


Anyhoo, I’m contented for now till the next round comes about. We’ll see what happens then. 😀

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Them Guys and their words

I’m not an authority on the male species. In fact, I’m the last person to say that I know them well. But what I’ll like to share is my two cents on some of them when it comes to word usage in certain situations. So remember that what I’m writing about is not applicable to all guys but only to SOME,k. 😉

Let’s talk about words for a while. As I know it and everyone else knows it as well, English words in general have the same meaning across the board. I mean “one” means one. It doesn’t have a different meaning according to gender. You get what I mean, right? Yes, some words can be ambiguous, but we are all usually familiar with their ambiguities. The thing is for some guys some words seem to bring about different meanings to them when used in their own created contexts. Perhaps it’s their understanding of the words? I don’t know. I’m just gonna focus on three common words: “like”, “nice” and “later” in referring to specific contexts I’ve come across being used by some guys. I sometimes get confused when these words are used by the opposite gender coz’ my understanding of these words seem to differ from them. Let’s go through one by one,k.


I like you.” When a guy says he likes you, what does it actually mean? Like is such a general word. I mean isn’t it understood that all the guys you are friends with do like you?? If not they won’t be friends with you, right? That’s why “like” can cause confusions and misunderstandings at times. In a girl’s head when a guy says he likes her, this would probably be going on in her mind: “What does he mean that he likes me? He likes me like a friend? Like a sister? Or he like like me?? Like more than a friend?? What is he trying to say???” Hence, what ensues after that is a host of confusions. Some girls might ask out right, but some might not as not to sound too forward and too “perasan”. Hmm… the word “like” is such a complicated word.


You are a nice person.” Girls, if a guy comes up to you and says you are a nice person, what would your reaction be? Perhaps thank him? That’s for sure the polite thing to do. But what if this comes from your boyfriend who uses it to describe you? How would you react? Will those draconian horns be out for blood?? “Nice?? You think I’m only nice???” Here, some might see the word negatively coz’ it sounds so bland, so ordinary, so biasa. I know they mean well, but don’t they have any other words in their vocabulary to use to compliment the fairer sex? Sigh… Some guys really need to expand their vocabulary when it comes to flattering us girls, don’t they?


We’ll talk later,k.” Oh, this simple phrase has confused quite a few girls many, many times coz’ our understanding of the word “later” is a time or somewhere in the very, very near future within the same day the conversation takes place, not the next day or the day after that. When you say you’ll talk later means you should do it within the same day. When you don’t do it, it’ll irk the hell out of a person, especially a person who’s very particular about things said. Usually when this happens, the girl would be wondering and trying to reinterpret what the guy had said earlier. “He said later. Later means…?? In a couple of minutes time? In a few hours??”  When nothing happens within the same day, the girl will definitely feel bengang. Darn, another confusing situation!! “What did you actually mean??” Haiz, mean what you say la! Don’t just say say!! Ish, sakit hati la!


Perhaps there are many more words out there that are used differently in certain situations, but these are the ones which seem to stand out the most to me based on my very, very limited experience with some of theseXYs. Guys, don’t say things lightly coz’ you know girls do tend to be more analytical. They will dissect every word you say. That’s why you guys need to pay extra attention and DON’T just say things you don’t mean or things you aren’t gonna follow through. You really don’t wanna see the dragon lady. Trust me, you don’t! 😛


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