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Moving things along…

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”


~ Macbeth ~


“To be, or not to be–that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them.”


~ Hamlet ~



I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare. Suffice to say that I am acquainted with his work. Well, who isn’t? I think even a small kid would be at least familiar with one of his work, be it a play or a poem.


Anyway, I would say that I’m more partial to his plays than the poems he has penned.  I guess it’s because I’ve always loved the theatre. I can’t really pinpoint a reason why I like it. Perhaps it’s the live action? Unfortunately, my family has never ever shared my sentiments. My brother would rather watch a movie than take in any life performances. I guess that’s why I can actually count on one finger the number of times I’ve been to a theatre production. But that’s all gonna change now. Moving back to KL has made me realised the things I’ve been missing out. I want to give in to my little bitsy desires. You know, like meeting up with friends, taking in a play now & then, going to an art exhibition, taking a day trip to somewhere for a little r & r etc.


This time is not just pure procrastination lah. I’ve actually started on my list. Just a few days ago I was at the Actor’s Studio, Bangsar for the play “Mama’s Wedding”. It was hilarious. I really enjoyed the banter among the three sisters. The entire play was delivered in English with a bit of Malay injected here and there. It was unique in a sense that the play was based on phone conversations alone. There were some quirky Eurasian jokes which added some fun to it too. Sometimes, I felt like I was a part of the family coz some of the going-ons seemed so familiar.


Well, enough about that. I can’t wait for the next play end of this month. But first I’ve got to convince JK to go with me again. You know, I’m actually on a mission now as well. I’m trying my best to educate JK on the finer things in life i.e. specifically exposing him more towards the aesthetic side of it. He’s just working too hard. It’s a good thing that he’s playing along with me. So far, he hasn’t complained. Thank God for that. I’m planning to take him to an art exhibition this month. I’ve always wanted to go to one. You know, just for the experience. Let’s see how that turns out later.    


Anyhow, let’s rewind & go back to the night of the play. We went for dinner at WIP, BSC prior to the performance. I actually read up on the eatery before we ventured there. So, I knew what I was going to order. As for JK, he’s a bit “selective” when it comes to food. He usually prefers places which menus come with pictures of the food items. He needs to see beforehand what he’ll be trying. Well, unfortunately, WIP’s menu only came with words. So, he took a chance & ordered something which name had a nice sound to it.


Anyway, I ordered a Chicken Makanwala.  It was boneless chicken cooked in a tangy butter sauce.  The dish also came with green peas and mushroom masala, raitha, a salad and papadum. He ordered a Chicken Tikka, something like that. It was actually tandoori chicken. I could see from his expression when it was served that he would have preferred his usual fish & chips. Now, I need to mention that JK is not a fan of curried food coz his system just isn’t built for it. But I’ve never really believed him until that night.


Erm, we shared our orders & halfway through the meal I could see tiny droplets of water on his forehead. Mind you we were in an air-conditioned room. Thank God he wasn’t sweating profusely. However, I did see tiny beats of water glistening on his head. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to have pity on him. I had to request for extra ice. Poor dear! The food wasn’t really spicy for me. But for him it was like gun powder. I think it was mine that caused him to perspire. I guess that really rules out Malay or Indian food for us. No curry stuff from now onwards!

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Have Food will Travel

Food, glorious food! It’s everywhere! On the street corner, at a ramshackle stall, in a quaint little coffee shop, at a classy hotel, the list is never ending.

Don’t you agree that we Malaysians love our food? We sometime will go through all sort of length just to eat what we desire.

Now, let me share a few of my food experiences with you.

My first real encounter with Japanese food was with a group of Japanese engineers a few years back (while I was still studying). They were here to learn English and part of their learning experience involved social skills.

Anyway, on the last day of class, they decided to treat my colleague and I to a meal of their choice. When Japanese food was mentioned, I was like, “Yew! Raw fish! I’m not sure I can stomach that. It’s going to be yucky!” That was what I had in mind, anyway. What was I to do? Well, I could only grimace in silent, plaster a smile on my face and go along with their plans. And so, we began our journey. My colleague and I first drove them to Plaza Pantai. I was driving an 82’model Honda Civic then. I guess they were worried that my car might not survive the trip into KL. No lah, it was cheaper to take the LRTJ.

Anyway, we arrived at Nikko and my colleague & I left them to do the ordering. The first few dishes that came were fine. You know, the usual tempura, rice and miso soup. Then came what I was not looking forward to, raw fish. It was cut in small little cubes. We had the honour of tasting it first as the Jasps looked on. They were all eagerly awaiting our reaction. You see, neither my colleague & I had eaten shashimi before. Anyway, I expected to have to perhaps falsify my reaction after biting into the fish. However, to my surprise, it wasn’t yucky at all. It was quite good actually. And so, that was the start of me eating Japanese food.

I’m still not very adventurous where Japanese food is concerned. However, I’m slowing broadening my horizon. It’s not easy when my family members (with the exception of my sister) are not into it. They are fine with Teppanyaki but sushi is out of the question.

So, what am I to do? Well, thank goodness I have a friend who enjoys Japanese cuisine. We usually meet up every few months to satisfy our palates. Hmm…that reminds me, I think we are due for another round of Sushi King soon.

Let’s move on to something else now…seafood. Almost everyone loves a bit of prawns, crabs or even squids now and then, right? I’ve had my share as well…Telok Gong, Klang, Kuala Selangor and even Buntal in Kuching.

My ex-boss actually brought her American friends to Kuala Selangor for this. Imagine we travelled from Section 17, PJ to Kuala Selangor. That was my first experience with Kuala Selangor. I never thought that I’ll be back there again. Now, it’s just a 30 minute drive away for me. My verdict on seafood in Kuala Selangor? Well, it’s good. But I don’t think you need to drive all the way from KL for it. There are quite a number of decent seafood restaurants in Kl/PJ too.

As for Buntal in Kuching, well, my colleagues and I actually took the trouble of renting a car when we were in Kuching a couple of years back just to have some seafood before we left. The journey took us about 30 minutes, I think. But it was worth the drive. The food was fresh, delicious and cheap.

Talking about Kuching, I do miss a few dishes there. You know, the Sarawak laksa, kwon low mee and surprisingly the tom yam meehoon as well. I used to wake early on Sunday morning, take the bus just to have the heavenly kwon low mee served at Carpenter Street. If I don’t get there early, I’ll end up waiting for over an hour. The wait can be quite agonizing as the place is really hot and cramped. Besides, you aren’t allowed to simply place an order. They will come to you when it’s your turn. So, you can only wait patiently till your turn is up.

Satok was another favourite hound of mine then. I’ll normally spend my Saturday afternoons there. You see, there’s a Pasar Minggu there that runs from Saturday right up till Sunday. It normally ends at 12 something on Sunday.

Erm…one of the stalls there sells a type of kuih that I enjoy very much. I can never remember the name. Anyway, I actually get to kill two birds with one stone there. The shop that sells the laksa & tom yam meehoon is just around the corner. The tom yam meehoon doesn’t come in your usual bowl instead it is served in a clay pot. It’s just so irresistible! The aroma, the succulent prawns…slurp, slurp…thinking of it is making me hungry.

Ok, moving on to something more recent. Let me tell you a few dishes that I enjoyed very much on my brief stint in KK. On my first trip to KK in January, my meals were mostly seen to by my students. However, I had been eying the Italian restaurant just around the corner of the hotel and I took the chance to try it on my last night there. You see, I have this huge craze for pasta. You should ask my mum how much pasta I’ve devoured in these last couple of months.

Anyway, the pasta served then was simply superb. The texture combined with its’ perfectly cooked sauce made it irresistible. There wasn’t anything left on my plate at the end of the meal. If I could have licked the plate clean, I would haveJ. With that experience, I told myself that when I got back in March again, I’ll definitely need to consume another lot. Indeed I did. As I stayed at a different hotel this time, I didn’t mind the 25 minute walk it took me to reach the restaurant coz’ it was worth the energy. I left the restaurant with a broad smile and a feeling of contentment in my tummy.

On my last night this time, I thought I’ll be stuck having hotel food as it started raining cats and dogs in the afternoon. But thank goodness it stopped. As such, I ventured out to the next block for some Korean food. It was my first time having authentic Korean food and so under the advice of the waiter, I ordered a typical Korean meal. There were about 8 dishes in front of me, all served in small portions, thank God. I enjoyed almost everything except for the kimchi. I just couldn’t accustom myself to the taste. I guess I still need to eat it for a few more times. After all, practice makes perfect, right? Hmm…maybe I can head over to the Korean Restaurant in SS2. Korean food, anyone?

Well, I think that’s enough about food for the moment. Just writing about it is making me hungry. Since I’m in Batang Berjuntai (BB), I can’t run out to the nearest mall for some sushi or pasta. So, it’s best I stop here before I start chewing on the furnitureJ.

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