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Fate flows like a river…

Fate is something funny. At times I wonder whether it’s God or the Devil at play. 👿 Fate and destiny… I can honestly say I have no idea where I’m headed to. I thought I knew and then things didn’t turn out as what I was hoping for. God or Whomever it is just didn’t want me to have what I wanted. 😁 My road not taken ended at a dead end. Luckily there wasn’t a cliff there for me to jump down from. It wasn’t worth it to take the plunge, anyway. My life is too precious for that. I just decided to backtrack and take another path.

As for now, I’m just cruising along this path, taking in the sights and enjoying my road trip. I have my wishes, but I do not want to make them my be all and end all. It’ll just make this journey miserable if I keep pushing them to happen. I have no idea what He wants for me. So far, the stuff he’s sending my way are a bit confusing, but enjoyable as hell. 😅 It’s que sera sera for me now. Seize the moment! Live in the moment! I am my own adventure story!! 😜


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I truly believe in this. I’m not just referring to skin deep kind of beauty. I’m talking about being beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside as a person. But the thing is what I see as being attractive or appealing might not receive the same response from another person. We all have different tastes after all. Just the other day I was sharing with a friend of mine that at times even our likes and dislikes can change with time and she agreed with me. Sometimes what you had no interest in before this might very well pique your interest any time in the future coz’ a person’s taste can evolve through time. Remember that!!

And so my current mantras are…
• Gotta learn to have self control
• Patience is the mother of necessity

…all because of irresistible you… 😁


Irresistible you

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Jekyll & Hyde I am…

Yes, I admit it. I am Jekyll & Hyde at the same time. 😉 In fact, we all have a little Jekyll & Hyde in us. Our multiple personalities, I call it. This isn’t in reference to the medical condition. It isn’t a disorder. We display one version of ourselves to society (which is expected of), another version to close buddies and family members, perhaps some of us might even have a hidden self that only one or two persons are privy to and of coz’ we have the self which no one sees, but us only.

At times, it gets difficult to juggle all these different selves. With each different “self”, our behaviour, attitude and mannerism changes. We get the opportunity to discover more about who we are especially when we interact with others coz’ sometimes the people we encounter might shape another “self” in us. There’s no true “self” as all these selves represent us. So now, how many “selves” do you have? Have you shown off your devilish self yet? 😛


*Note: Here’s something worth reading: What Everybody Gets Wrong About Jekyll and Hyde


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