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Our lives are pretty fragile. Everybody knows that. You can be here one minute & gone sayonara the next. Just like you can feel great one morning & come evening your world might just come crashing down. You know, top of the world, then everything turns shitty? You get my point?


Well, I hate it when that happens!! It doesn’t happen often, only once in a blue or should I say green, green moon. That means it’s rarer than rare lah.


Anyways, something happened last Friday evening which spoiled my whole weekend. It was a small little incident but it kinda acted as a catalyst. It affected me big time. I was so grouchy the whole weekend. Gosh, I really don’t want to go through that torture again.


Well, I wouldn’t say all was bad coz something good did come out of it. I managed to get some thing off my chest and perhaps it has also given me more courage now. You know, I put on a brave front but I can be such a chicken sometime. J  


In any case, my morose disposition also helped me to finish some little disjointed verses I started a few weeks ago. As usual, it’s very depressing. I really don’t understand why I’m seldom inspired to write anything positive.


An Inconvenient Truth


I know the consequences…

Yet I ignore them.



dreaming of the impossible,

hoping against hope,

waiting for the inevitable,

praying for a miracle.



willing to go through the agony,

foolishly putting myself to the test.


To the world

I’m seemingly battling a losing war,

To me

It seems bloody so too!!


Will my rebelling reap harvest?

I don’t know…

There’s a great doubt in me.


I’m so confused…

I’m just so tired…



Well, no matter how hard things are, I know I’ll always bounce back. Thanks to my “punching bag” lo. I just have to get it out of my system & then walla, I’m back again! I don’t believe in moaning & wallowing in self pity for long. Move on, people! What’s the point lah in sulking coz you’re just gonna make yourself more miserable.


Anyway, enough sappy talk. Let’s move on to something else. I’m super duper happy today coz I finally got my hands on the tickets for Mamma Mia, the musical! Gosh, they cost a bomb but I’m sure there are worth every penny. I missed Beauty & the Beast when it was in town a while back. So, this time I promised myself that through hell over high water, I was gonna catch Mamma Mia! I’ve already watch the movie version and it was pretty good. I’ve always loved musicals.


Anyway, JK was grumbling about the price of the tickets. “Why lah spend so much? Get the cheap, cheap one enough already. We sit far, far also never mind. I’ll bring binoculars for you,k.” Gee, he can be so sweet sometime.


Aiya, how can you expect me to get lousy seats for my 1st musical wo? I just couldn’t lah. I don’t want to be seating at one corner straining my neck towards the stage.   


I know, he’s not looking forward to the musical. He said that this one is probably gonna last him for the next 30 years. Hmm, we’ll see about that. ^_^


Anyhow, I dragged him to watch the movie version a couple of weeks ago & he confessed that he nearly fell asleep twice, poor guy. I guess if the Predator was seen lurking at the scene or perhaps Optimus Prime was dancing to a tune on stage, well, that would certainly catch his attention!!


Do you think that will ever happen?



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