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Fate flows like a river…

Fate is something funny. At times I wonder whether it’s God or the Devil at play. 👿 Fate and destiny… I can honestly say I have no idea where I’m headed to. I thought I knew and then things didn’t turn out as what I was hoping for. God or Whomever it is just didn’t want me to have what I wanted. 😁 My road not taken ended at a dead end. Luckily there wasn’t a cliff there for me to jump down from. It wasn’t worth it to take the plunge, anyway. My life is too precious for that. I just decided to backtrack and take another path.

As for now, I’m just cruising along this path, taking in the sights and enjoying my road trip. I have my wishes, but I do not want to make them my be all and end all. It’ll just make this journey miserable if I keep pushing them to happen. I have no idea what He wants for me. So far, the stuff he’s sending my way are a bit confusing, but enjoyable as hell. 😅 It’s que sera sera for me now. Seize the moment! Live in the moment! I am my own adventure story!! 😜


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To be or not to be…. naughty?

Some of you might be wondering how come I’m writing so many posts all of a sudden this past week. Am I that free? No, I’m not. Work is actually choking me up. I’m constantly doing a few things at almost the same time. Multitasking comes naturally. Like now, I’m writing this post, chasing after my “kids” on Facebook for their assignments, responding to their queries on an up-coming presentation, editing documents and watching YouTube vids on TV as well. Besides, most of my posts aren’t written at one go. I usually pen down my thoughts on my phone and slowly shape them into whatever I want when I have the time, that’s usually before I go to bed. I make sure I spare the time for my thoughts coz’ expressing myself helps me to de-stress and unwind in a way. Alright, let’s get on to today’s topic of interest: naughtiness. 

There are all kinds of naughtiness in this world. We have the mischief maker, the flirt, the prankster, the foul mouth bugger, the temptress, the rumour-monger, the backstabber, the fire-starter and the list goes on and on. These are the ones who make our lives colourful.


Well, I’ve come to realise that there’s a bit of naughtiness in all of us.  It’s just a matter of whether that naughtiness gets unlocked or not. No one on this earth can be a goody two shoes all the time. We aren’t perfect and we are definitely no saints or angels. We are all flawed.


Sometimes this naughtiness comes knocking on your door without an invitation. You know, just like those door-to-door sale persons. When it appears, you’ve gotta ask yourself: “Should I? Can I?” No one has the answer to that question except you.

Be Crazy. Be Stupid. Be Silly. Be Weird. Be whatever. Because Life is too short to be anything but Happy.

But for sure once you release that naughtiness, there’s no turning back. For some it opens up a whole new world of excitement and adventure, for others it might bring about a can of worms. Splat!! You can’t be sure what would be unleashed.

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Anyhoo, if you intend to spice up your life a bit, then, you’ve just gotta take that leap of faith and pray that you do not fall into the abyss. It ain’t easy. Things might not always go your way.  You might question your decision every step of the way. You might be at the top of the world one second and find yourself moping around the next.


This life we live in is unpredictable. It’s a roller coaster ride. We don’t always have the answer to everything in sight. We don’t always make the right decisions. The only thing we can do is to stay strong always no matter how challenging the path ahead of us is.


This life we lead should not be boring. We need to make it matter. So stop being afraid to let loose that naughtiness in you. You know you are dying to! Go right ahead!! 😛


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