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Looking back at 2014…

Compliments of the season to one and all! Tis the season to be merry and of coz’ to look back at everything that has happened throughout the year.


Now, if I had to use two words to describe 2014, it would be “interesting” and “confusing”. I know these are rather common words, but they are the best words I can think of to sum up the year.


The year was filled with ups and downs, a real roller coaster ride. I went through two deaths in the family: my paternal grandma and my maternal grand uncle.


I’m still dealing with some unresolved issues which I hope will be cleared up in 2015. I really hate dragging things on. I think it’s high time I made some decisions.


Well, work was same ol’, same ol’ for the first half and then it went crazy gruelling busy for the second half. This year saw me taking on new challenges and responsibilities. Them white hairs are popping up faster now! 😛


Anyhoo, I seem to be constantly learning new things this year, especially as I sojourn into uncharted territories at work and in my personal space. This new knowledge has kinda changed my perspective on life and on how things are in reality. People can change and not everyone plays by the same rules.


We are taught to follow the rules of society and so like little good children we do, thinking that everything will fall into place if we do. For some, yes and for some, no. Perhaps that might create some frustrations in us. I know how that feels. We strive to follow the rules, but at times we might bend them now and then in our quest to fulfil our desires. Hence, I really do understand the saying that “some rules are meant to be broken”. 😉


Not only that, I’ve also learned some new stuff about myself, call it self-discovery if you want, and I am not done making sense of them yet. This “new” me has me in a conundrum as it really requires loads of patience, control and a helluva restrain on my part. At times, acting nonchalant is a real challenge especially when I get more and more involve. Some of these stuff I’m going through are things I wouldn’t imagine myself ever experiencing or venturing into. It’s exciting and it’s like a dormant part of me has been woken up. I seem to be a different person. Wow, I didn’t see that coming! I keep asking myself: “Is that really me? Why is it happening to me? Who knew I had it in me?? Not in a million years!”


As I said this is a super confusing year as well. My beliefs have been shaken. I seem to have more questions and self-doubts. I do wonder whether it’s a test from God or is the Devil playing his tricks on me, taunting me. Things used to be compartmentalised into black and white. Now out pops a grey area. It’s so difficult to handle this grey area. The rules are different there. In fact, I think I’ve kinda thrown the rule book out and am just creating my own rules. Let’s see where this grey area leads us to.


In addition to that, I’m also confused with the infamous four letter word: LOVE. You would think that a 30 something would know what love is by now. Well, I used to. I think I used to, anyway. What is love? I really don’t know what it is anymore. What does it mean to be in love? What do you equate love with? How do you know when you are in love? Can two persons be together without love? Can you love more than one person? I guess I’ve been watching too many dramas. Sigh… The stubborn bull in me is having a tough time accepting changes. The things that are happening around me are just making it more mind boggling. Perhaps it’s time to fall head over heels in love with someone to understand it better? 😛


Anyhoo, I’ve kept my promised to myself to at least embark on a solo travel once a year. This year I went to Taiwan and it was an awesome experience. It was a bleisure trip: business + leisure. I took the opportunity to travel to a few cities in Taiwan since I was heading there to present a paper at a conference in Taipei. Taiwan is indeed a lovely country. It’s safe, the public transport is so convenient and the people are pretty friendly as well. Hmm… I will never tire travelling on my own.


So I can say all in all I have had a colourful horsey year. I have no idea what plans 2015 has for me. There are bound to be great challenges and battles ahead, but I’m definitely gonna try to embrace them the best I can or rather grab them by the horns as the saying goes! 😉


Let’s all attack 2015 with full of gusto!!

Happy 2015 in advance, everyone!! 🙂

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Christmas Past

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hmm, Christmas has come and gone.  Everything just went by so fast. Err, I was a bit busy before Christmas coz’ of all the last minute shopping to do. It was really exhausting having to get gifts and check things out for Christmas Eve supper. You see, I’m always assigned to see to supper since I’m the only unattached one. I can’t wait for my nephews to take over.

Anyway, I managed to relax a bit in between hunting for gifts by catching a movie. BL had free tickets for Treasure Hunters at GSC Signature and didn’t have anyone to go with. So, I tagged along. Well, the movie was just average. But I did like some of the martial arts scenes. They were pretty cool. Besides that, the very comfy reclining seat at the theatre with its complimentary pillow and blanket was a real treat too. I think BL even took a snooze coz’ he felt too comfortable in it.  🙂

Well, Christmas was a bittersweet experience for me. A part of it was enjoyable and another part of it was a bit disturbing and depressing. Anyway, I went up to Penang with my family to visit relatives on Christmas day. We spent a few days on the island. I had a great time with my cousins. We went to watch Avatar (3D). I know the movie is good but I guess I was too tired coz’ I kept dozing off. Too many late nights before that was the cause of it.  Besides, the movie only started around 12.45am! This reminds me that I’m getting old, no stamina to stay up late anymore.

My mum and I were really tired after the trip to Penang. But we couldn’t have a good rest yet. There was cleaning to be done at home. Besides, I won a couple of tickets for Did you Hear about the Morgans? and didn’t have anyone to go with. I was surprised when my mum volunteered to go with me. She hasn’t been to the cinema in 10 years. I enjoyed the movie and I think mum had a good rest there. She kept dozing off. Old age, who can blame her?

Anyway, I’m not sure what to expect this year. I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to get myself hyped-up for 2010. I’m just trying to take one day at a time. I need to make some changes this year, my mindset, that is. Positive thinking! I really need that this year.


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I think I’ve mentioned that my office has blocked access to facebook & friendster…hence, I rarely update any info as I’m still using a dial-up at home…sigh…we, the academicians have to suffer because of the students…kesian us…   well, I guess they’ve decided to unblock friendster for a while since students aren’t around. I managed to log on yesterday…things are still ok today…I think I better keep my fingers crossed! Hehehe…  


I also just found out today that I can actually access some of the blocked sites using my notebook…I brought it to the office to update some stuff & tried my luck to access a few sites lah & walla, boleh lah…thank god for wireless! gosh, I should have thought of that earlier…


Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to write about the latest edition in my family this past month but takde masa…so now only do it lah…erm, my sis-in-law gave birth on Nov 1st…at last we have a girl in the family after 8 long years of waiting! I mean no offence to my 3 darling nephews but I haven’t been able to do much with them in terms of dressing…now, with natalie’s arrival, well, it’s time for some shopping!!


She’s absolutely adorable, quite the inquisitive pot actually, always looking here & there when she hears any sounds…I’m sure my brother’s gonna have his hands full when she grows up…with those big captivating eyes & sweet kissable bow shaped lips, she’s gonna be a real head turner…aiyoyo, got to start building a fort now…must keep under lock & key!  

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I’m really tired out today. Mum & I went down to Muar to deliver invitation cards for my brother’s wedding reception next month. Sigh…He’s getting married & I’m the one doing the delivery to the relatives. We went down early this morning a bit after 8. The journey was fine to and fro.
Well, my hometown hasn’t changed much since the last time I was there end of last year. The buildings are still colour-coded according to the different streets. You’ll find one row of orange buildings and then another row painted in blue, purple etc. I doubt you’ll get to see that elsewhere.   
I think no matter where I am, I’ll always have a soft spot for Muar. 😉



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I hate shifting! It’s so tedious & tiring. My fingers are sore. I just shifted from my apartment in BJ back to KL. For those who’ve been to my place, you know that I do have loads of stuff. It wasn’t an easy move but I managed to accomplish it over the weekend. A big thank you to all those who helped!

Anyway, my apartment on campus was kinda like a storeroom as well coz my parents left a few things with me when they moved up to KL from Muar a couple of years ago. They knew that my brother would make a big fuss if they brought too many things with them. So, some of those stuff ended up with me.

Well, thank god mum has almost settled the kitchen thingies. There were so many things that she didn’t want to depart with and I really had to put my foot down. No mean no! Come on, how many plates does a family of 3 need? 3 dozens?

Err, quite a number of my stuff are still in boxes coz I’m still waiting for the hall to be cleared. Besides, I can’t really unpack some of the boxes coz I have too many books and not enough shelves. This doesn’t include my office stuff. Gosh, I really don’t know where I’m gonna put everything. I have tonnes of books there too.

Sigh….Let’s not think about it for now.

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Here comes the bride…& trouble

 don’t you just love weddings? e’ryone smiling from cheek to cheek… so much happiness around…i too used to love weddings (notice the past tense)…

now you must understand that attending a wedding at my age can be quite hazardous…sometimes just receiving the invitation itself can be a bit …how should i put it…depressing 😦 …not for me, that is…but for my mum…

why is that so? well, mum is very happy that sis is married and has produced 3 wonderful grandsons for her…she would be even happier or should i say, ecstatic if my brother and i headed towards the direction of matrimony as well…she has almost lost all hope in my brother and so her focus is now on yours truly…

still remember the day i received a wedding invitation and she started her marriage sermon. “see, even xxx is getting married and she’s younger than you…don’t u want to get married? all your friends are getting married…when are you gonna get a boyfriend? who’s gonna look after you when you get old? blah…blah…blah…

sigh…i’ve gotten quite used to hearing this…thank god it only happens once in a blue moon…i know mum is just worried…she worries about e’rything under the sun…that’s when I have to remind her that if my time comes (with god’s grace) and i stress if, then i’ll happily follow the course that she wants…if it doesn’t, life still goes on. the malays have a good saying for it, kalau ada rezeki, adalah

anyway, i’ve just never been a go-getter when it comes to BGRs. i don’t see the need for it

she knows that my priorities at the moment are two things i.e. work and studies…but that doesn’t stop her frm harping on it…

talking ‘bout life partners…well, they just don’t pop up here and there now, do they? wait…i should backtrack a bit and begin with a boyfriend first…how can you have a boyfriend without any potential candidates? at my age, the good guys are either taken or g#@.

O, lomeo, lomeo, where are you, ah?

you know…whenever people ask when am i getting married and i’ve been getting that a lot recently (tis the season to get hitched!)…i’ll always jokingly tell them wait till i create a guy first. i mean, i’m not a ginny…i can’t just use magic and poof…a guy falls out from the sky. what’s more, you must understand where i’m located at…i’m now working in what my brother calls as an “ulu” town, batang berjuntai…where, you say? it’s near kuala selangorlah…

working here has not really given me the chance to meet people. besides, i’m not really bothered with the whole relationship thingy. i have guy friends and i like them to remain as they are…no more, no less…any potential ones? (geez…i can hear my mum whispering in my head) well, still browsing around…doing a bit of survey…window shopping….

my brother loves to tease me saying that i’ll end up an old maid as he think that i’m too fussy…but i’m not…it’s ok, I told him…we’ll just grow old together…he..he…

nowadays, my colleague and i (we’re the same age) have to constantly defend ourselves against our married colleagues, especially those recently married…they love to bombard us with questions, bila nak kahwin?…these ladies are so happy that they want the other half of the female population to share in the joy with them…it’s scary…but what to do…

why am i bringing this up now? well, that’s because i’ll be attending 2 weddings in 2 consecutively weekends and i’m gonna be meeting a number of friends whom i’ve not seen in a while…they are bound to ask all kinds of questions…they…i can handle…it’s the older generation (hopefully not tht many known ones) that’s a bit tricky…i’ve got to brace myself for the battle to come…must be prepared with enough ammunition (answers actually) and an ever present smile J as they ask me, “so when’s your turn?”

so, uncles and aunties, bring it on! i’m ready!!

to the rest out there… wish me luck! pray that I survive both battles!

p.s.: am supposed to be spending time completing my project paper but…just had to pen down my thoughts…needed the break….


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