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movies: the goody & the baddy

My cousin & I caught Ninja Assassin over the weekend. I wanted to watch Couples Retreat coz’ it seemed like a nice comedy from the preview. But cuz thought I might prefer watching a Korean hunk prance around.  🙂 Well, I’m not really that into Rain. He’s just not my type. In fact, I didn’t really like the way he looked in the movie. I think I still prefer the old Rain, the less buff one.

Well, I honestly didn’t like the movie. It was just freakishly bloody. People were being slaughtered here & there with blood oozing profusely from severed body parts strewed across the scene. I was totally grossed out!

Anyway, I would really like to commend the GSC personnel at Tropicana for carrying out his duties well. You see, Ninja Assassin has an 18SG classification. So, it’s a no no for kids. But as usual there will be a few who would want to defy the ruling. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed. Just before the movie could start, they were asked to leave. There was also a couple who brought their young son, I think he was no older than seven years old. The attendee had to politely ask them to leave too. The father actually had the nerve to be disgruntled saying that his son will fall asleep during the movie, so what’s the harm in them watching it? Can you believe that? How can a father set such a bad example for his son? I would say that the movie is definitely inappropriate for young children. They might have nightmares after that. It’s immaterial whether the child falls asleep during the movie or not, the fact remains that he shouldn’t be exposing his child to such violence at this young age. What a sicko!

Okay, enough about that. Let’s get back to the movie. Hmm, the plot was really nothing to shout about. There wasn’t any twist to it. It was just the usual run of the mill storyline. You know, the good guy wanting to defeat the bad guys. The hero can of coz’ fight of a few dozen attackers. After all, the baddies are “programmed” to take their turns in fights. One by one, no jumping queues, okay?

Anyhow, I would say 2012 was much better. Now, that movie was really one of a kind. The tickets were selling like hot cakes. I had planned to watch it the week after it premiered thinking that by then the crowd would have lessen. Boy, was I wrong. The cineplexes at Klang Valley was perpetually full the whole week. The only available seats were on the first few rows. But I wasn’t going to pay good money to suffer a stiff neck later on. So, I waited another week. It wasn’t easy getting good seat as well. I had to check out a number of places before finding seats which were to my liking. People were still going in droves to watch it. BL did grumble for a while coz’ I didn’t managed to get middle seats. He prefers sitting in the middle while I’ve gotten used to end seats coz’ of JK. Well, I got my wish.  🙂 Suffice to say our seats were well worth the money.

I really enjoyed myself. The CGI was awesome. Everything looked so real. I’ve always had a thing for disaster movies. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the magnitude at which things happen? How can one not be in awe of Mother Nature in all her fiery glory?

Now, what movie should I be geared up next for? It’s time for some surfing! 🙂


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