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Looking back at 2014…

Compliments of the season to one and all! Tis the season to be merry and of coz’ to look back at everything that has happened throughout the year.


Now, if I had to use two words to describe 2014, it would be “interesting” and “confusing”. I know these are rather common words, but they are the best words I can think of to sum up the year.


The year was filled with ups and downs, a real roller coaster ride. I went through two deaths in the family: my paternal grandma and my maternal grand uncle.


I’m still dealing with some unresolved issues which I hope will be cleared up in 2015. I really hate dragging things on. I think it’s high time I made some decisions.


Well, work was same ol’, same ol’ for the first half and then it went crazy gruelling busy for the second half. This year saw me taking on new challenges and responsibilities. Them white hairs are popping up faster now! 😛


Anyhoo, I seem to be constantly learning new things this year, especially as I sojourn into uncharted territories at work and in my personal space. This new knowledge has kinda changed my perspective on life and on how things are in reality. People can change and not everyone plays by the same rules.


We are taught to follow the rules of society and so like little good children we do, thinking that everything will fall into place if we do. For some, yes and for some, no. Perhaps that might create some frustrations in us. I know how that feels. We strive to follow the rules, but at times we might bend them now and then in our quest to fulfil our desires. Hence, I really do understand the saying that “some rules are meant to be broken”. 😉


Not only that, I’ve also learned some new stuff about myself, call it self-discovery if you want, and I am not done making sense of them yet. This “new” me has me in a conundrum as it really requires loads of patience, control and a helluva restrain on my part. At times, acting nonchalant is a real challenge especially when I get more and more involve. Some of these stuff I’m going through are things I wouldn’t imagine myself ever experiencing or venturing into. It’s exciting and it’s like a dormant part of me has been woken up. I seem to be a different person. Wow, I didn’t see that coming! I keep asking myself: “Is that really me? Why is it happening to me? Who knew I had it in me?? Not in a million years!”


As I said this is a super confusing year as well. My beliefs have been shaken. I seem to have more questions and self-doubts. I do wonder whether it’s a test from God or is the Devil playing his tricks on me, taunting me. Things used to be compartmentalised into black and white. Now out pops a grey area. It’s so difficult to handle this grey area. The rules are different there. In fact, I think I’ve kinda thrown the rule book out and am just creating my own rules. Let’s see where this grey area leads us to.


In addition to that, I’m also confused with the infamous four letter word: LOVE. You would think that a 30 something would know what love is by now. Well, I used to. I think I used to, anyway. What is love? I really don’t know what it is anymore. What does it mean to be in love? What do you equate love with? How do you know when you are in love? Can two persons be together without love? Can you love more than one person? I guess I’ve been watching too many dramas. Sigh… The stubborn bull in me is having a tough time accepting changes. The things that are happening around me are just making it more mind boggling. Perhaps it’s time to fall head over heels in love with someone to understand it better? 😛


Anyhoo, I’ve kept my promised to myself to at least embark on a solo travel once a year. This year I went to Taiwan and it was an awesome experience. It was a bleisure trip: business + leisure. I took the opportunity to travel to a few cities in Taiwan since I was heading there to present a paper at a conference in Taipei. Taiwan is indeed a lovely country. It’s safe, the public transport is so convenient and the people are pretty friendly as well. Hmm… I will never tire travelling on my own.


So I can say all in all I have had a colourful horsey year. I have no idea what plans 2015 has for me. There are bound to be great challenges and battles ahead, but I’m definitely gonna try to embrace them the best I can or rather grab them by the horns as the saying goes! 😉


Let’s all attack 2015 with full of gusto!!

Happy 2015 in advance, everyone!! 🙂

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Olivia Love Scary

I love “Scandal”! I mean the TV series. 😉 I’ve been catching up on some episodes from season 4 this weekend and its giving me all kinds of angsts. Arggh… OMG, the drama that unfolds each episode! Sometimes it’s predictable, but at times it does come quite as a shocker. It’s a real rollercoaster ride especially when it comes to the relationships of the main characters: Olivia, Jake and Fitz. They are so complicated. I really do not know who I should be rooting for.

Anyhoo, here’s a little something I wrote in tribute to the three main characters. Kesian betul…. 😥

Just For Now
I know we can’t
be together.
I know we do not
have a future together.
Yet, here we are
side by side.
Just for now,
let us savour the moment.
Just for now,
Can’t you be my solace?
Just for now,
Can’t we forgot about the others?
Just for now,
Let’s pretend there’s no other.
Just for now.
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My Affair with a Prince… just ENDED…

Sob, sob… 😳 It saddens me to have to bid adieu to the Korean drama which I have been following so fervently. Sigh… The Rooftop Prince, you are so daebak! I feel like bawling now. 😥 Arghhh, I’m gonna miss you loads! 😦

The last time a Korean series affected me this badly was Scent of a Woman. I think this time it was worse for me. I became a freaking stalker! 😈 I was constantly lurking at the Soompi forum for updates and stalking Softy and Dramabeans for episode recaps. It was through soompi that I found a site which actually broadcasted the drama live from Korea: iOnAir.TV. The plus side of watching it on iOnAir.TV was that the site also featured live subtitles. That was super cool as it was my first experience. However, the downside was the picture quality wasn’t all that great. But who cares as long as I got to watch it, right?

Anyhoo, let me just briefly introduce The Rooftop Prince (RTP) here. RTP tells a story of a prince from the Josean era who is transported 300 years into the future to present time Seoul. The Prince does not make the time leap alone. He gets catapulted into the future with 3 of his loyal servants.

In Seoul, he bumps into a girl who looks like the spitting image of his late wife, the Crown Princess. The Prince believes that he has been sent to the future to solve the late princess’s murder, but there’s actually more than meets the eye.

I’m not gonna give away more details as there might be those out there who are currently watching it on Astro One HD 393. Astro will be broadcasting episode 11 and 12 this week. Those who wish to know more about the drama can read it on Wiki.

To me, this drama was both entertaining as well as thought provoking. It stressed very much on a person’s fate or destiny. One should never ever mess with somebody else’s path coz what’s meant to be is meant to be. If you try to manipulate or even mess things up, it’ll just come back and bite you on the arse! The universe or the forces of nature will find means and ways to put things back in order. In a nutshell, don’t mess with God’s plan or else there will be hell to pay!! Capish?? 😡   

Well, I didn’t just watch RTP coz’ it was entertaining. Each character really played their role well. I dearly love the 3 sidekicks of the Prince as their antics always made me laugh and left me wanting more screen time for them.

Kudos to Ha Ji Min who played Park Ha/ Bu Yong! She was one of the reasons my tears went on auto-pilot in episode 19 & 20. They just started to flow on their own accord towards the end of that episode. Wait till you guys get to episode 19 & 20 (the finale). Then, you’ll know what I mean.

Now, I have to be totally   honest here and admit that what drew me first to RTP wasn’t the plot but rather the male lead. Micky Park Yoon Chun who plays the leading male character is so to die for. 😀 I loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandals and he did not disappoint me in RTP. Oh, he’s such a hottie! Thinking of him now just puts a silly grin on my face. 😀 I just find him so, so, so… I can’t even find a word to describe him. Mere mortal words just can’t do him justice! I’m not just into him for his appearance. Nevertheless you can say that his boyish good looks do contribute to the equation. 😉 I’m only human, okay? We all do judge a book by its cover no matter how much we try to deny it.  So, let me be honest instead of behaving like a hypocrite. Okay, looks aside, his portrayal of the multi characters he took on in the drama clearly shows that his acting repertoire has grown leaps and bounds in just a span of a few years.

Mind you acting isn’t even his main source of income. Many of you would know him as one of the singers in the group JYJ.

Goodness, I was going through this obsessive fan craze phrase while watching RTP that I even named this adorable monkey bear which my colleagues gave me for my birthday, Micky, after you know who.

Hmm, some of you must be thinking like, isn’t he a tad young for you to fawn over?? Well, there is actually only just about an 8 year gap between us. Besides, there seems to be a trend in K dramas for older women to fall for younger men and vice versa: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Scent of a Woman, The King 2 Hearts, the upcoming I Do, I Do. Need I go on?? So, let me just continue my infatuation with him, k. I can fantasize, can’t I? After all in dreamland, anything IS possible! 😆

I’m now having some withdrawal issues coz’ I’m still lurking at soompi even though the drama ended last Thursday. 😕 I’m not the only one, thank God for that! There are many soompi forumers who are refreshing the site now and then for updates. Perhaps they will produce a Youtube version like what they did with Playful Kiss??

Sigh… All good things must come to an end. I know that. I’m trying to accept that. Just give me some time,k. I’m in the midst of hunting for my next drama to stalk, I mean to watch.  In the mean time, let me just continue to drool over all these photos of my Prince 😀 in RTP.






Sarange, uli Wangseja… ♥ ♥ ♥

Now, I’ve got to wait for my own prince to sweep me off my feet. Priney, oh Priney, are you still sleeping?? When are you coming? Gua sangat letih tunggu leh. Hurry up, pretty please! 😉

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I’ve been an avid fan of Korean dramas for quite some time now. Even my mum has gotten hooked onto them as well. Thank God for the KBS channel on Astro.

Anyhoo, here’s a tribute to one of the dramas I’m currently following: Happiness in the Wind.

I chose a path less travelled by,
thinking I’ll break through
all its numerous defences
I thought I’ll emerge triumphantly
joining the ranks
of all the other valiant crusaders
It was an ambitious goal
but I was not perturbed
little did I know
a deadly game
I was pursuing  
I thought I knew
the challenges laid before me
I thought I could overcome
every obstacle I’d see
I didn’t heed the warnings
The Prize accompanying this journey   
was too enticing
The temptation was too great
for me to resist
I succumbed to my desires
I started the journey
albeit with a little trepidation
But wariness soon faded
My strides grew strong
full of conviction
filled with hope
My being consumed
by hunger for the Treasure
journeying alongside me
This journey
is non like any others
I am constantly faltering
Getting lost in a maze of unfamiliarity
The road is gruelling
and treacherous
I am ill prepared
for the aplenty
Hidden passages, mysteries & secrets
The obstacles seem never ending
I have become weary
in my quest to survive
My body is bruised & battered
Littered with scars
Concealed deep within
My strength is diminishing
My body is breaking
I feel like surrendering
To give up on this losing battle
I know...
The world is laughing
snickering at lil’ol’ me
for being an imbecile
Who’s willing to be fooled
Who can be placated
with promises of untruths
Why, you may wonder
Am I so resilient in my pursuit??
willing to endure all
The heartaches and pains
Know this I tell you...
I’m just an ordinary girl
with silly simple wishes
of love, of happiness & of living
But these silly simple wishes
to love and to be loved
might just be beyond my reach
This battle seems too great
for me to try to conquer
I’m trying to stand tall
To not give in to defeat
I’m trying to be strong
For that is who I am all along
I am committed to the cause
To persevere, to hold on
Coz I want to
not that I need to
or have to
For tis Treasure is worth the great battle
And now I stand at this juncture
Baffled, perplexed & a little bewildered
Not knowing where I should head yonder
Perhaps you, my dearie
might provide me the Answer?

This drama has just finished its run in Korea and I’m happy to say that it has a happy ending. Almost everyone gets what they desire at the end. You see, Korean dramas can be pretty unpredictable. It’s doesn’t always end on a happy note. So, I’m glad that Daehan and Obok managed to patch things up. It’s so nice to be able to live in a fantasy world for a while.

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movies: the goody & the baddy

My cousin & I caught Ninja Assassin over the weekend. I wanted to watch Couples Retreat coz’ it seemed like a nice comedy from the preview. But cuz thought I might prefer watching a Korean hunk prance around.  🙂 Well, I’m not really that into Rain. He’s just not my type. In fact, I didn’t really like the way he looked in the movie. I think I still prefer the old Rain, the less buff one.

Well, I honestly didn’t like the movie. It was just freakishly bloody. People were being slaughtered here & there with blood oozing profusely from severed body parts strewed across the scene. I was totally grossed out!

Anyway, I would really like to commend the GSC personnel at Tropicana for carrying out his duties well. You see, Ninja Assassin has an 18SG classification. So, it’s a no no for kids. But as usual there will be a few who would want to defy the ruling. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed. Just before the movie could start, they were asked to leave. There was also a couple who brought their young son, I think he was no older than seven years old. The attendee had to politely ask them to leave too. The father actually had the nerve to be disgruntled saying that his son will fall asleep during the movie, so what’s the harm in them watching it? Can you believe that? How can a father set such a bad example for his son? I would say that the movie is definitely inappropriate for young children. They might have nightmares after that. It’s immaterial whether the child falls asleep during the movie or not, the fact remains that he shouldn’t be exposing his child to such violence at this young age. What a sicko!

Okay, enough about that. Let’s get back to the movie. Hmm, the plot was really nothing to shout about. There wasn’t any twist to it. It was just the usual run of the mill storyline. You know, the good guy wanting to defeat the bad guys. The hero can of coz’ fight of a few dozen attackers. After all, the baddies are “programmed” to take their turns in fights. One by one, no jumping queues, okay?

Anyhow, I would say 2012 was much better. Now, that movie was really one of a kind. The tickets were selling like hot cakes. I had planned to watch it the week after it premiered thinking that by then the crowd would have lessen. Boy, was I wrong. The cineplexes at Klang Valley was perpetually full the whole week. The only available seats were on the first few rows. But I wasn’t going to pay good money to suffer a stiff neck later on. So, I waited another week. It wasn’t easy getting good seat as well. I had to check out a number of places before finding seats which were to my liking. People were still going in droves to watch it. BL did grumble for a while coz’ I didn’t managed to get middle seats. He prefers sitting in the middle while I’ve gotten used to end seats coz’ of JK. Well, I got my wish.  🙂 Suffice to say our seats were well worth the money.

I really enjoyed myself. The CGI was awesome. Everything looked so real. I’ve always had a thing for disaster movies. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the magnitude at which things happen? How can one not be in awe of Mother Nature in all her fiery glory?

Now, what movie should I be geared up next for? It’s time for some surfing! 🙂


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Moving things along…

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”


~ Macbeth ~


“To be, or not to be–that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them.”


~ Hamlet ~



I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare. Suffice to say that I am acquainted with his work. Well, who isn’t? I think even a small kid would be at least familiar with one of his work, be it a play or a poem.


Anyway, I would say that I’m more partial to his plays than the poems he has penned.  I guess it’s because I’ve always loved the theatre. I can’t really pinpoint a reason why I like it. Perhaps it’s the live action? Unfortunately, my family has never ever shared my sentiments. My brother would rather watch a movie than take in any life performances. I guess that’s why I can actually count on one finger the number of times I’ve been to a theatre production. But that’s all gonna change now. Moving back to KL has made me realised the things I’ve been missing out. I want to give in to my little bitsy desires. You know, like meeting up with friends, taking in a play now & then, going to an art exhibition, taking a day trip to somewhere for a little r & r etc.


This time is not just pure procrastination lah. I’ve actually started on my list. Just a few days ago I was at the Actor’s Studio, Bangsar for the play “Mama’s Wedding”. It was hilarious. I really enjoyed the banter among the three sisters. The entire play was delivered in English with a bit of Malay injected here and there. It was unique in a sense that the play was based on phone conversations alone. There were some quirky Eurasian jokes which added some fun to it too. Sometimes, I felt like I was a part of the family coz some of the going-ons seemed so familiar.


Well, enough about that. I can’t wait for the next play end of this month. But first I’ve got to convince JK to go with me again. You know, I’m actually on a mission now as well. I’m trying my best to educate JK on the finer things in life i.e. specifically exposing him more towards the aesthetic side of it. He’s just working too hard. It’s a good thing that he’s playing along with me. So far, he hasn’t complained. Thank God for that. I’m planning to take him to an art exhibition this month. I’ve always wanted to go to one. You know, just for the experience. Let’s see how that turns out later.    


Anyhow, let’s rewind & go back to the night of the play. We went for dinner at WIP, BSC prior to the performance. I actually read up on the eatery before we ventured there. So, I knew what I was going to order. As for JK, he’s a bit “selective” when it comes to food. He usually prefers places which menus come with pictures of the food items. He needs to see beforehand what he’ll be trying. Well, unfortunately, WIP’s menu only came with words. So, he took a chance & ordered something which name had a nice sound to it.


Anyway, I ordered a Chicken Makanwala.  It was boneless chicken cooked in a tangy butter sauce.  The dish also came with green peas and mushroom masala, raitha, a salad and papadum. He ordered a Chicken Tikka, something like that. It was actually tandoori chicken. I could see from his expression when it was served that he would have preferred his usual fish & chips. Now, I need to mention that JK is not a fan of curried food coz his system just isn’t built for it. But I’ve never really believed him until that night.


Erm, we shared our orders & halfway through the meal I could see tiny droplets of water on his forehead. Mind you we were in an air-conditioned room. Thank God he wasn’t sweating profusely. However, I did see tiny beats of water glistening on his head. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to have pity on him. I had to request for extra ice. Poor dear! The food wasn’t really spicy for me. But for him it was like gun powder. I think it was mine that caused him to perspire. I guess that really rules out Malay or Indian food for us. No curry stuff from now onwards!

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Our lives are pretty fragile. Everybody knows that. You can be here one minute & gone sayonara the next. Just like you can feel great one morning & come evening your world might just come crashing down. You know, top of the world, then everything turns shitty? You get my point?


Well, I hate it when that happens!! It doesn’t happen often, only once in a blue or should I say green, green moon. That means it’s rarer than rare lah.


Anyways, something happened last Friday evening which spoiled my whole weekend. It was a small little incident but it kinda acted as a catalyst. It affected me big time. I was so grouchy the whole weekend. Gosh, I really don’t want to go through that torture again.


Well, I wouldn’t say all was bad coz something good did come out of it. I managed to get some thing off my chest and perhaps it has also given me more courage now. You know, I put on a brave front but I can be such a chicken sometime. J  


In any case, my morose disposition also helped me to finish some little disjointed verses I started a few weeks ago. As usual, it’s very depressing. I really don’t understand why I’m seldom inspired to write anything positive.


An Inconvenient Truth


I know the consequences…

Yet I ignore them.



dreaming of the impossible,

hoping against hope,

waiting for the inevitable,

praying for a miracle.



willing to go through the agony,

foolishly putting myself to the test.


To the world

I’m seemingly battling a losing war,

To me

It seems bloody so too!!


Will my rebelling reap harvest?

I don’t know…

There’s a great doubt in me.


I’m so confused…

I’m just so tired…



Well, no matter how hard things are, I know I’ll always bounce back. Thanks to my “punching bag” lo. I just have to get it out of my system & then walla, I’m back again! I don’t believe in moaning & wallowing in self pity for long. Move on, people! What’s the point lah in sulking coz you’re just gonna make yourself more miserable.


Anyway, enough sappy talk. Let’s move on to something else. I’m super duper happy today coz I finally got my hands on the tickets for Mamma Mia, the musical! Gosh, they cost a bomb but I’m sure there are worth every penny. I missed Beauty & the Beast when it was in town a while back. So, this time I promised myself that through hell over high water, I was gonna catch Mamma Mia! I’ve already watch the movie version and it was pretty good. I’ve always loved musicals.


Anyway, JK was grumbling about the price of the tickets. “Why lah spend so much? Get the cheap, cheap one enough already. We sit far, far also never mind. I’ll bring binoculars for you,k.” Gee, he can be so sweet sometime.


Aiya, how can you expect me to get lousy seats for my 1st musical wo? I just couldn’t lah. I don’t want to be seating at one corner straining my neck towards the stage.   


I know, he’s not looking forward to the musical. He said that this one is probably gonna last him for the next 30 years. Hmm, we’ll see about that. ^_^


Anyhow, I dragged him to watch the movie version a couple of weeks ago & he confessed that he nearly fell asleep twice, poor guy. I guess if the Predator was seen lurking at the scene or perhaps Optimus Prime was dancing to a tune on stage, well, that would certainly catch his attention!!


Do you think that will ever happen?



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