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Dating Your Phone…

Today’s entry is gonna be rather short. Just thought I should put down my two cents on something I witnessed today. I was having an early lunch at a restaurant and in came a couple who sat next to me. They ordered and then each went about checking their phones. They were fiddling with their phones until food arrived. They didn’t even once talk to each other! When food came, they ate in silence and after the meal they continued to check their phones.

Goodness, the first thought that came to my mind was, “Are you dating each other or your phones??” Why would you wanna glue yourself to your phone the whole time when there’s someone in front of you who you can have a real life conversation with?? I mean checking your phone once in a while is alright, but not until there’s hardly any conversation that goes on. What’s the point of going on a date?? You might as well date virtually then!!

Sigh… It’s so sad to see this happening more and more often: people not talking when they are together for meals. I know sometimes it happens to me too. That’s why I either put my phone on silent mode or perhaps keep it in my bag, so that I won’t get distraction with all the notifications that come in. I’ll only have my phone on the table if I’m waiting for important emails or replies to come it coz’ I rather talk to the person in front of me.

I know technology is supposedly bringing us “closer” to each other, but it seems to be drawing us apart at the same time. We talk less and our thumbs or fingers seem to be working more often. It’s sad. 😦


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