Us girls and our words

23 Nov

I wrote about guys and their words, so it’s only fair that I write about us girls as well. For guys, girls are confusing and complicated. That’s so totally true! I agree 101% with it!! We sometimes don’t mean what we say and don’t say what we mean. Hahaha… 😛

Not Sure

This entry is gonna be brief coz’ we (girls) are pretty easy to be explained. The less we talk, the more afraid you should be. Perhaps we might be angry, perhaps we might be plotting, perhaps we are just bored… There are so many perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Those “perhaps” are for you guys to figure out! 😉


Ok, on a serious note now. Please remember guys, there are some girls who look real tough on the outside, but in actual fact aren’t. At times it’s just a façade they have perfected. They act all strong and mighty coz’ sometimes that’s the only way they think can prevent them from getting hurt. These girls are just trying to hide away their vulnerability. So don’t EVER attempt to hurt them. Always think twice before you act, guys. These girls can be more affected by your words and actions. So don’t be so nonchalant,k. Or else, you know the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? I don’t think you would wanna test that theory out! Or do ya?? 😉


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